Downloading ext3cow patch.

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Older versions are available in the archive.


Quick Installation Tips:

1. Download the patch file.
2. Patch the kernel.
3. Configure, compile and install the kernel.
  • You should be doing that now.




  • Copy the patch file to the root directory of your kernel source (e.g. /usr/src/linux-2.4) and uncompress it.
  • In the source directory type:
    patch -p1 < linux-2.4.21-ext3cow-0.1.2.patch
  • Check for conflicts. Most files files in this patch are new files, and the patched files have only a few lines changed. Conflicts are unlikely.


  • Typically:
    make menuconfig or make xconfig
  • Turn on ext3cow in the "File systems" heading.
  • make dep
  • make bzImage
  • Install kernel.

If it compiled, congratulations! You're now running ext3cow. You'll need to download the tools to create and format an ext3cow partition now. Jump to the tools.ext3cow README page for details.

If it didn't work try reading the more detailed patch README or email .